Each target is customized with your contact information making for a great advertisement tool for your shop! 

At Raven Seeker Targets, I can't express enough how many times I've been to the gun range and have handed out paper targets to other shooters that either ran out, or had forgotten them at home. What better way, than for others to share and promote your business!

Wholesale Packs are sold in Cartons by the Dozen.
Each CARTON contains 12 Packs.

Each PACK contains 12 individual Targets (just like the sample you received in the mail). Poly-bagged and ready for resale to your customers.

Suggested Retail price: $14.95

Wholesale Cost:

1 CARTON: 12 PACKS:  $75.00 ($6.25 EA)

2 CARTONS: 24 PACKS: $144.00 ($6.00 EA)

3 CARTONS: 36 PACKS: $207.00 ($5.75 EA)

4 CARTONS: 48 PACKS: $264.00 ($5.50 EA)

5 CARTONS: 60 PACKS: $315.00 ($5.25 EA)

6 CARTONS: 72 PACKS: $360.00 ($5.00 EA)