Targets are designed for record keeping. Each target includes an area to record important data. Increasing your shooting skills is the name of the game and these targets will help you do that. Also, they look great at the range! Use these simple, effective color targets to sight in your firearm. Targets have designated writing spaces to record key data for future reference. Keeping a good track record of your shooting experience is critical to your development and knowledge as a skilled marksman. And although different brands of ammunition, bullet weights, and weather can affect the accuracy of any gun, consistency and tracking can improve and grow your skills. We recommend tracking those first ten rounds on your target for a particular day or weapon. Save it, file it away. Then continue to shoot as many rounds or targets you wish afterwards. It’s those first ten “cold” rounds “before” you’ve warmed up that are the most critical for tracking and development of your shooting skills.

Classic Series: MIXED SET

SKU: T-155
  • Item #: T-155

    Quantity: 155

    RECEIVE: 155 loose shooting targets (shrink-wrapped for protection) in the following quantities:

    25 qty: T-001: White

    25 qty: T-002: Yellow

    25 qty: T-003: Blue

    25 qty: T-005: Pink

    25 qty: T-006: Zombie Green

    15 qty: T-008: Multi-30

    15 qty: T-009: Scope Sighting


    PAPER SIZE: 8.5" x 11"



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